Salida Playpark

If you are near Salida, Colorado, this looks like fun!

Salida River Park

The Salida Playpark on the Arkansas Riverconsists of two waves/holes depending on water levels. The Arkansa River has a good size drainage and is dam controled. It can flow as high as 6,000 cfs. For water levels, you can click here. Depending on flow, these waves can be world class.

At low to medium flows the upper hole is more of a poor-over and the lower holes is awesome. The lower hole is great for beginners to expert boaters. The hole is great for loops and is backed up by a bunch of flat water for recovery. At the lower flows, there is even a sand beach for those paddlers that may have kids or just like the feel of sand on bare feet. With views of Mt. Princeton in the background, a town park, this playpark is fun!

At high water, around 1,500 cfs and up, the lower hole washes out and the upper hole can be hard to stay in. If you can, it might be the best ride you every had. At high water you may also get washed down below the return eddy and have to walk back up. This can be frustrating after a while. The wave is best for flat spins and surfing. Swapping ends and sticking the wave is tuff.

New Ownership at

Hi. My name is Shawn and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as the new owner of

I reached out to the previous owner as he didn’t seem to be keeping the site up to date. No offense to him (and he told me I could say this), but it was an early interest of his, but he lacked the time to add any real content to the site. “Blogging is harder than it looks. I don’t have a need for the site, so if you want it, it is yours.” This is my first foray into having a website and I may very well find that out myself. But I’m excited to give it a shot.

I’m in the process of transferring the domain now and in the next couple of weeks I’ll be fully taking control of the site. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do any better, but I’ll give it a try. I am fairly technical, but in the ways of corporate IT work, not the ins-and-outs of hosting a website. So I have some leaning ahead of me too.

I do a fair amount of hiking, camping and canoeing. And I’ll probably be expanding the content to reflect all activities in the great outdoors.

Quick Tips for your Canoe Trip

If you are a kind of person who loves going on an adventure. May it be with friends or family then this is perfect for you. Some would say the best things in life is to travel. And most do not believe in planning. Usually, it will never happen. Unlike, if they do not make any plan and they just go there right away.

Canoe on a lake at tsunset
Planning is still very important. Like you and your pals need to decide the right time to go. Talk with your friends. And tell them you wanted to go on canoe trips Nashville. You cannot decide it on your own if you will be going in a group. It is lonely going alone anyway. So you should go with friends that are close to you. Everyone must agree. Initially, check it online and see if it is really good and what do they offer. So you will know what to expect and what to bring when you get there with your friends. And best that you would call them and talk to the owner or whoever is there that could answer your questions.

The number of days you will be there. And check the prices about their hotel if they have the one. Usually, it will suit to the place you would be going. And forget fancy things. This is an adventure and doing new things.

Ask for the cost, like entrance fee, if they have a place to stay at night and a lot more. Make sure you not to forget about safety. Staying at night in a new place, might be dangerous if you do not think that you are secured. Be cautious and stay alert. It is not that you will think of bad things may happen, but preparing of possibilities is always the best. Preventive measures must be practice. You could start asking if they allow people to stay over night there. See what kind of place they could offer and the cost. Going with groups will helps you save money. That is not very expensive when you are in group. It is an advantage for you.

Remember not to expect the same accommodation in your own home. You are in a different place with many people that you call friends. Some things may be new to you. Be flexible and learn to get along with everyone. And enjoy yourself. That is the purpose of your travel. Otherwise, you just waste your time and your money.

To be able to get out of the things you are used to is something. And you can consider it as achievement for yourself. And you feel the independence and the beauty of nature. You tend to appreciate more of others and understand them better. Please do not forget to bring your camera. For photos and create memories.

400 Year Old Canoe Surfaces in Florida after Hurricane Irma

Radiocarbon dating of a canoe found in Florida after Hurricane Irma dates it to the 1600s. Cool find.

Alone in the Wild

Join Joe Robinet on his Spring 5-Day Solo Canoe trip in Canada.

Stick around his channel for some great bushcraft tips, camping expeditions and gear reviews. He typically posts a new video on Friday afternoons.

Seven Must-Know Canoe Skills

T. Edward Nickens, writing for Field and Stream:

Preparation: Cinch down your PFD and tie off any loose items in the canoe. Lower your center of gravity and improve your stability by kneeling in the boat. Fully communicate with your partner about the plan.

Entrance: If the ledge has a straight lip all the way across the river, line up where the water runs deepest and fastest over the drop. A downstream V is formed by water pouring between rocks or a gap in a cross-river ledge—that’s an ideal target, one you should go for if you can. Slow the boat with controlled back-paddling so you’re lined up perfectly with the gap you’re headed for.

There are a couple tips for you. Hit the main article link for the rest of the tips.


Building a Dugout Canoe By Hand

There might not be anything more satisfying than building something with your own hands and then standing back and marveling at your work.

In this video, woodworker Richard (Rihards Vidzickis), builds his own dugout canoe by hand. Enjoy.

Vintage Canoeing Postcard

vintage canoe postcardVintage Canoeing postcard. Found and available for sale on Etsy.

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